Better than Sex Trifle

Everyone has their version of this dessert, and this actually comes from my sister, it’s one of her family’s favorite desserts! And it’s so easy to make ahead it’s great for when you’ll be having lots of company over, or going to a party and bringing a treat.


1 8 inch chocolate cake baked and cooled Devils Food Cake is a good flavor option if you like box mixes
16 oz Stabilized whipped cream or cool whip
1 jar caramel sauce or homemade
1 can sweetened condensed milk
5-6 skor bars/ heath bars chopped


  1. Cut the cake into 1 inch sections. Place half on the bottom of your trifle dish.
  2. Then pour half the can of sweet and condensed milk across the top, then half the caramel, then sprinkle with skor pieces, finish with half the whipped cream.
  3. Visit for full directions.

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